Welcome to VIRL

VIRL is Cisco's easy-to-use, powerful, and extensible network modeling and simulation environment that enables users to:

This site provides resources for getting started with VIRL including download instructions, installation guides, tutorials, and a link to the VIRL user community site.

You can begin to explore VIRL using any of the links at the left.

Check your version.

The instructions contained on this site apply to VIRL version 1.2.0 or later.  Please ensure that you are using an appropriate version after downloading your VIRL OVA or ISO later.

Check your target.

VIRL can be deployed in both standalone and cluster configurations using the relevant instructions provided to the left.  It's important that you download the immages appropriate to your desired deployment target:

For standalone deployments use:

  • virl.1.n.n.pc.ova (VMWare Fusion, Workstation, or Player)
  • virl.1.n.n.esxi.ova (VMWare vSphere ESXi)
  • virl.1.n.n.iso (Bare-Metal)

For cluster deployments add one of:

  • virl-computeN.1.n.n.ova (For vSphere ESXi deployments, compute nodes 1 through 4)
  • computeN.1.n.n.iso (For bare-metal deployments, compute nodes 1 through 4)