Installing VIRL to Bare-Metal using an ISO Boot Image

The steps required to install VIRL onto a bare-metal host using an ISO image are described and illustrated below.

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In bare-metal deployments some customization of VIRL may be necessary to accommodate factors such as missing network interfaces, existing IP subnets, static IP addressing, Internet proxies, and RAMdisks.  If there are five network interfaces, VIRL can get an address via DHCP, and none of the other factors apply you may skip the steps below marked 'Optional'.

Step 1:  Get Started

Step 2:  Download the VIRL ISO

Step 3:  Install VIRL

Step 4:  Prepare for an Interface-Constrained Installation (Optional)

Step 5:  Configure Static IP (Optional)

Step 6:  Configure Internet Proxies (Optional)

Step 7:  Prepare VIRL for Activation

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If you are installing software for a compute node stop here!

Step 8:  Activate VIRL

Video coming soon.

Step 9:  Customize the VIRL Configuration (Optional)

Video coming soon.

Step 10:  Validate the VIRL Installation

Step 11:  Install and Configure VM Maestro

End of Installation.